Frost And Flame Promisance
Frost And Flame Promisance

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Through the messaging feature you can send a private message to other warbands. Messages are useful for many things. Through them, you can discuss alliances, declare war, conduct all sorts of diplomacy, or plan out battles.

They are also a way to just get to know other warbands, which is not a bad idea. Even if you don't care much for friendship, you can figure that eventually, you'll probably end up either fighting against, or along side, every warband in the game. It never hurts to know your allies, and it always pays to know your enemy.

At times these messages will be monitored by the administrators, so it is advisable not to share personal information via the in-game messaging system. The administrators only view messages to enforce the game rules, by checking for swearing, inadvertent admission of multiple accounts, etc. No information thus gained by administrators will ever be made public.

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