Frost And Flame Promisance
Frost And Flame Promisance

Game Guide

Overview: Your troops are used to attack other warbands for land. Each troop has different strengths in attacking and defending.

Unit Description Base Cost Off. Def.
Infantry The basic military unit. Not the strongest unit, but with a cheaper price tag these can be mobilized in large groups to cause plenty of damage to your enemy. $600 2 2
Bombardment Units Strong defensive units. Can be used in attacks to gain land from your enemies. $1200 3 5
Frontal/Fast Units A Frontal Attack is sometimes the best way to go; these can also capture land in special attacks and have an edge in offense. $2400 5 4
Boats These are used not only for military purposes, but also to ship foreign aid to other empires. With both strong offensive and defensive capabilities, it is the most expensive unit, but also the most powerful. $360000 7 6