Frost And Flame Promisance
Frost And Flame Promisance

Game Guide

Field Description
Status Table Definitions: Statistics
Turns Used This is the number of turns you have used since your warband was created.
Rank Your rank, determined by your networth, compares you to all other players in the game.
Networth Your networth is a calculated value based on the military, spies, workers, food, cash, and land you have, roughly indicating how much your warband is worth.
Population This is the number of workers that live in your warband. Workers are necessary for making money to finance your warband.
Status Table Definitions: Agriculture
Est. Production Farms and unused land both help to produce Food with which to sustain your warband. This number indicates approximately how much they will produce each turn.
Est. Consumption Your military, workers, and Spies all require Food to survive. This number shows your estimated consumption per turn.
Net This number indicates whether you are gaining or losing Food overall per turn. It is usually a good idea to keep an eye on this number, lest you run out of Food and your people starve.
Status Table Definitions: Relations
Member of Clan: If you are in a clan, its 'tag' is indicated here. If you are independent, this will simply say 'None'.
Allies If you are in a clan, other clans which you are allied with will be listed here.
War If you are in a clan, clans you are at war with are listed here.
Offenses FAF Promisance keeps track of how many times you have attacked other warbands, as well as the percentage of successful attacks. Your attack count is shown here, with the success rating in parentheses.
Defenses Every time your warband is attacked, the Defenses counter is incremented. You can also see a rough percentage of how many attacks you have successfully resisted.
Kills This indicates the number of warbands you have destroyed.
Status Table Definitions: Land Division
Each row here indicates how many structures of each type you have.
Status Table Definitions: Finances
Est. Income Your income is determined by the number of workers you have, your Per Capita Income, your tax rate, and your health.
Est. Expenses Your expenses consist of military upkeep and land taxes. Camps help to lower your expenses.
Net This indicates your net income, whether you are gaining or losing money overall each turn. It is highly recommended to keep an eye on this value.
Loan payment If you have borrowed any money from the Bank, 0.5% of your loan is payed off each turn. Your loan payment for the next turn you take is indicated here.
Per Cap income This is your per capita income, indicating how much money each of your workers makes each turn. You gain a percentage of this income based on your tax rate.
Savings Balance This indicates how much money you currently have in your savings account. Your account's interest rate is indicated in parentheses.
Loan Balance Here is indicated the amount of money you currently owe to the bank. The loan's interest rate is shown in parentheses.
Status Table Definitions: Military
The top rows indicate how many of each unit you currently have in your army.
Offense Points This number indicates your total calculated offensive power (see Military Units for more information).
Defense Points Your total calculated defensive power (see Military Units) is shown here.
Experience Your total experience, gained from successful attacks and defenses. Experience provides a bonus to offense and defense stats.