Frost And Flame Promisance
Frost And Flame Promisance

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Welcome to Frost and Flame!

Welcome, traveler, to the land of Frost and Flame! We're glad you've decided to join us in our immersive world of war and diplomacy, of intrigue and economy. Frost and Flame is a turn-based strategy game loosely based upon the popular Promisance game engine. If you have played any Promisance-based game, you should be aware of the basics. However, there are a number of new features and capabilities added by the FAF engine - you may want to read through some of the guide entries. For any who are unfamiliar with the style of gameplay, read on! The Introduction gives a good overview of the fundamentals - we suggest you begin there. But the choice is yours!

General Information Gameplay Finances Relations
Introduction Main Page Protection Bazaar Clans
Game Rules Status Page Use Turns Market Attacking
Race Info News Search Building Stock Market Hawks, Offensive
Location Info Scores List Spies, Peaceful Bank Messaging
Military Units Warband Search Manage Raffle Aid
Status Bar Profiles Vacation Clan Treasury Bounties
Terms and Definitions The Map Delete    
General Information Gameplay Finances Relations