Frost And Flame Promisance
Frost And Flame Promisance

Game Guide

Terms and Definitions

agrarian adj 1. strategy based mainly on production of food for cash, public sale, massing. Is not necessarily peaceful. 2. one using such strategy. See also, HPR.

BFR: n Battle for Redwall. The faster version of the game.

emperor/empress: n The person who holds the #1 rank in game for a prescribed period of time.

Europe: pr. n Location in-game. +15% industry. 0% runes.

FAF: n Frost And Flame; the game

farm: 1. v to make many, light attacks against mid rank and/or land fat warbands to gain land. 2. n A building in various other Promisance games equivalent to foragers in Warbands.

kill monger n One who kills many, especially those weaker, for the sake of accumulating kills. verb: to kill monger

land fat, landfat: adj Describing the ratio of networth to land especially if that ratio is greater than 1000 land to every million in networth.

land grab: v A short series of attacks intended to take land from a warband without causing much damage.

location hide: v To move to a Location with few players, in order to avoid attacks by people too lazy or unable to prepare hawks. Also takes advantage of industrial and rune bonuses and penalties of each location.

indy: 1. adj Short for industrial, any strategy that depends on using barracks as the primary source for troops.

2. n A person who plays this type of strategy.

market spamming v The act of selling units in small lots as to slow any attempts to buy items off the public market. (NB: Due to market condensation in FAF, this is practically obsolete.)

mass: v to collect a certain type of unit and concentrate on it heavily

Middle East: pr. n Default in-game location. +0% runes, +0% industry.

multi: n 1. A person with more than 1 account in game. 2. A Warband/account operated by a person with more than one account in game. (NB: Multiple accounts are against the rules; thus, multis are cheaters.)

mySQL: pr.n. database software, used by Warbands

Noonvale or HPR: n 1. a strategy denoting non-aggressive, usually resource-concentrating playing modes. 2. a person playing this strategy 3 Insult against another for lack of aggressiveness, intolerance to aggression, inability to use military effectively.

North Africe: pr. n Location in-game. +20% runes, -5% industry.

newbie: One that is new to something, especially a novice at using computer technology or the Internet.

noob, n00b: n derogatory term. An obnoxious, arrogant, and self-confident version of the newbie.

PHP: pr.n. PHP: Hhypertext Pprocessor. A programming language in which Warbands is written.

Promisance: pr.n An online, text based strategy game upon which Warbands is written.

Promi: pr.n shortened version of Promisance

Purgett, PC: pr.n Creator of Promisance.

pwn: v slang for own. Ruling over the game. b: Being better then/superior too, or ruling over anything or anyone.

QMT: pr.n Quietust, Morvandium, & Thrustaevis; major contributors to Promisance code

ROC: pr.n Redwall Online Community. All websites related to Redwall.

Redwall: pr.n. A series of books written by Brian Jacques.

RWL: pr.n Redwall: Warlords. Another Redwall related Promisance, chief competitor to Wabands.

stack: v synonym: mass

WOA: n The slower, non-resetting server of FAF. It has special guidelines to be followed when playing.